Most of you have discovered my Christ Quake progress reports at

For those who have not: Quake is moving rapidly forward. It is a huge undertaking, however. It is quick and easy to make a mediocre or weak film. It’s almost incredibly complex to create something worthy of this subject matter. It takes time, time and more time. But, it will be worth the wait!

We are deep in post production. All film has been shot. We used three 4K cameras and a crane for virtually all scenes, so it will be a visual treat. The storyline is nailed down and strong, though simple in the important ways. The final film will contain at least one concealed subplot. You will enjoy that 😉

Everyone, including ME, wants to know when we can see the film. Frankly, it’s a mistake to give dates when I see the magnitude of what we are trying to do. We are working with a top tech at Industrial Light and Magic for scenes that will benefit — yes, we’re working on that scale. It will be a low-budget film, as you know. But it will not look low budget. It will bring dignity and power to the temblor God used to announce Christ’s success on the cross.

It’s making me crazy working, shaping the film and waiting, just as it is you. There is nothing I can do to speed it up that I have not already done. We must just keep working, day after day, praying for guidance in our choices as we strive to make the very best film we can make on our tiny budget. I already know it is going to be a fine piece of work. All who have contributed to it will be proud to have their names in the credits!
Finally, remember that Julie is writing over one HOUR of full-symphonic score. We are shooting for a score that serves the film, but can also stand as music on its own. The soundtrack CD will have independent real value as music.

It’s a gigantic project that still needs your prayers each time you think of it. Thank you for your patience, and blessings to you!

4 May 2016