The New Testament records unexpected, unlikely physical events forming bookends of the earthly life of Jesus. If these were actual historical events, would there be evidence? Can we identify such evidence 2,000 years later?

What evidence exists?

That’s the fundamental question and endeavor behind two film projects. Our first film foray investigated the first event. It resulted in the DVD “The Star of Bethlehem.” A roaring success. Now we’re moving to the second event. Instead of looking up to the heavens, we’re looking down at the earth. The Christ Quake is a geophysical investigation. And it, too, is proving hugely exciting!

We’re inviting you to get in on the ground floor of this exciting project, helping to make it a reality and influencing thousands of lives through its success.

The Goal

We hope to amaze you, perhaps blow you away with fresh revelations deep within a story you thought you knew.

You, your friends, your family, your coworkers will join a journey of eye-witness discovery. Nature is grinding away the evidence at this moment. But, before the traces are erased, we will document a stunning story for the eyes of the world. We’ll examine mysteries sometimes thought sacrosanct, beyond inquiry. If we do our job right, the rocks will “cry out.” They will give stony witness to the most well-known event in human history.

This film, your film, will entertain, but always from a firm foundation of fact. It’s a real-life adventure, chasing vanishing clues to a pivotal mystery before it is too late. The clock is ticking!

The Money

You’re looking at this website because we need funding to make the film. So, how does that work? Our goal is to raise $350,000 to get the project underway. We’re hoping for a great deal more. The more we have in our budget, the more we can share with you on screen.

Whatever is required of me financially, I will do. Because this story must be told.

You can see we spent a good chunk of savings to make the trailer for you. I have “skin in the game,” as they say. I’m committed to a full-quality production whatever the budget might finally be. Whatever is required of me financially, I will do. Because this story must be told. But we need your generous help to make this film all it can be!

The Reward

We know that those who get involved aren’t doing it for rewards. Not earthly ones, anyway. As an investor in the project, you want to empower a project that will have a worldwide impact. At the same time we believe that those who do support the project deserve a little something in return for their involvement. We’ve set up a series of exciting rewards in return for your support.